For two days, on the 10th and 11th of May 2021, the adults and the children of Ponorata, together with the Reality Check & Noi Orizonturi teams supported by the Coroieni City Hall,  cleaned the lanes of the village, the nearby fields, the courtyards and learned about the importance of a clean environment for their health.  All the attendees of the clean the village event, have received tools, gloves, trash bags and masks.

The group effort and the strength of the community generated the following results:

  • Over 200 adults and children getting involved for a cleaner village
  • Over 1000 garbage bags collected
  • 15 trucks loaded with garbage 
  • A backhoe that removed trash from inaccessible areas 

On top of collecting garbage, the specialists from Noi Orizonturi organized workshops with 30 children from the community (before or after the school hours) where the little ones learnt about balance, discipline and supporting the children around them. The children and the instructors visited a forest in the area where they installed a slackline, and everyone had the opportunity to experience walking and balancing on a slackline. 

At the end of the event, most of the people from the community worked the soil and prepared it for the seeds and seedlings that they received soon after, thanks to the support of the Reality Check supporters and partners.

This is just the beginning of a long journey. Coroieni City Hall  will continue what we started together, and we hope that cleaning the community surroundings will soon become a habit  for everyone in Ponorata.

This event was possible thanks to: Tasuleasa Social, Kaufland Romania, Adriana Pitea, Kathi Scheidereiter, Robert Tarpescu, Carmen Mihaiu.