All children have the right to education, regardless of ethnicity or social status

Reality Check Association, in partnership with Coroieni Town Hall, Coroieni Secondary School, Noi Orizonturi Foundation, with the financial support of Active Citizens Fund Romania and the help of Kaufland Romania, organized on Saturday, June 4th, the second edition of the community event Relay for Education. More than 300 children from all over the commune, both from vulnerable families and from families with a better socio-economic situation, participated in the running competition. The meeting took place at the sports field in Coroieni, prepared in advance for Saturday by the inhabitants of the village of Ponorâta (com. Coroieni). 

The Relay for education was an opportunity to bring together all the children of Coroieni commune and to discuss important issues such as inclusion, tolerance, the importance of education and sport. The date of the sports competition was not chosen by chance. The event was a celebration of children and education, which is why it took place on the eve of Children’s Day and Teacher’s Day. The October 2021 edition was a success, and now more children have signed up, eagerly awaiting to meet again on the running track. The organisers want the Relay for Education to become a tradition event in Coroieni, uniting the community and helping to promote shared values.

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