For five days (April 26-30), 28 primary school children who are normally going to classes, but didn’t manage to learn how to read and write, are attending an intensive literacy and personal development course through adventure and play sessions, organised by the Noi Orizonturi Foundation specialists. The children are split into two groups and they all get a warm meal. The activities are specially designed for children at risk and they are meant to improve their academic results, to help them reach a better self esteem, to teach them how to work in a team and to respect the rules of a group.   

There are more volunteers from the Coroieni School and from the Maramureș County School Inspectorate involved. At the same time, we organise meetings with the parents and we discuss with them about the benefits of the activities their children are involved in and about their evolution. 

“The first day was about getting to know the children, learning about the community, full of energy and joy.’’, said Alexandru Ardelean, Trainer Noi Orizonturi Foundation. “Every child gains new knowledge after taking part in the literacy workshop. We listen together to stories, they read following the Abel method – based on their direct experiences – and their current school teachers learn how to help them to overcome the read-write problems in the future”, added Marinela Scripcariu, Noi Orizonturi Literacy Trainer.

We will meet the same children again at the end of June for another five days session. They will go on the process they started now, they will learn new things and will have lots of fun, as well.